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Wiring Problems?

Noisy  Line?  Broadband problems?  Bespoke wiring solutions.                                                                                                   

Are you having problems with BT or another line provider?

Do you have a noisy line or no dial tone, but BT say there is nothing wrong with your line?

If you cannot determine which side of the network the problem exists, then I can help

If you just need a qualified Telephone Engineer to prove the fault onto the BT network or onto your own wiring then give me a call on   07485 182270 (Allan)

If you need a phone point moving or installing I can do this for you  – Professionally installed with wiring concealed wherever possible.

Problems with Broadband? - I can solve ALL telephone and BROADBAND wiring problems including dropped connections and poor line speed.  

Do you have unsightly wiring on the outside of your house? I can re-route or safely remove any unwanted telephone wiring from inside or outside of your property

Bespoke wiring solutions for all situations

   having wiring problems?